Waesum Weird – Lionel Hawes

Waesum Weird - Lionel Hawes Athout the bairns kennin their ain leid the leid o the Scots wul shuirlie dwyne awa an dee. Athout hearin an seein the leid, the leid o the fowk, in the herts an mynds o the bairns, wul gang awa foraye an we, the Scots, a Sovereign fowk,...

The Auld Kirk – Souter Davie

The Auld Kirk - Souter Davie In the nyneteent centurie, Scots wes still uised i the poupit bi sum meinisters, an i thae days, hell-fyre sermons war the order o the day, an meinisters warna blate about singlin oot parteiklar members o the congregation for public...

Quaeitly Ben – George Hardie

Quaeitly Ben George Hardie At the hicht o simmer  at the hinnerend o day  in the quaeit streets o sma toons  and kintra places  there cums a licht.    Daylicht that isna day.  A hazy, fey, licht  wi muted colours  and saftened edges  gin aathin had had  a wash o some...

Walcome tae the Lallans blog

Whit’s it aa aboot:

The Lallans blog is a new wabsteid that’ll gie the lang-runnin journal o Lallans a fithaud online. Ilka month ye’ll see a braw new piece o Scots scrievin furthset here, tane fae oor journal.

The Lallans journal is set furth twa times a year bi the Scots Leid Associe wi siller fae the Airts Cooncil o Scotland. The first nummer cam oot in 1973, makkin Lallans ane o the langest runnin literary journals in Scotland.

Lallans furthsets the wark o makars, screivers an reviewers, an is aye stappit fu wi quality content. The journal will aye be the ainly airt whaur ye can finn aa the best Scots wark we furthset. This blog will houeniver gie ye a wee skelp o oor content, tae weet the thrapple.