Feetikins pammer an littlins skirl
Thon’s the wye the bairnies play
Hug yer lugs they’re like tae dirl

Watch wee quinies daunce an birl
Skirts are fleein an hair’s agley
Caa the ropies plain an purl

Here’s the loon wi the cruikit curl
Plays his lane near ilkie day
He his a tyke that likes tae gurl

Watter’s warm, the waves they furl
Dookin’s braw in the hett sun’s ray
A paiddlin laddie pykes his scurl

Here’s a cairt … d’ye wint a hurl?
Intae the lan far aathin’s fey
Is thon a draigon? A skytie squirrel?
Thon’s the wye the bairnies play

Sheena Blackhall